Lunar Lullabies from a Silver Siren

Poems, short stories, and musings from the lady known as Silver.

Silvered Existence

What is it like to be Silver?

I reflect. I glisten. When I am untarnished, I may offer you a glimpse of who you are. I am a natural occurrence, no pretense or artifice. When attention is paid to me, I shine, even sing. And every time I go through the fire and come out, I become more pure, less tainted, closer to perfection.

I am beauty, claimed as much for my appearance as I am for my abilities. I am patience, able to be molded and shaped over time and labor. I am a vessel, meant to carry power and warmth.

But if I could sum up the essence of what it is to be Silver in one word, that one word would be this...


The closer I get to perfection, the more I will be Love. So for those of you who bother to take a moment of your day to read this or any of my posts, I thank you for your love and know that you walk in mine. And to those of you who know me as Silver, know that I will always be Silver to you, no matter when we last went on a mount quest together or last ran God's Trial. This moniker of mine has come to mean more to me than you shall ever know.


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